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My TiVo Remote is Immortal!

Well, maybe not ‘immortal’ but it certainly is rugged beyond belief.

I have read how the Tivo Remote has won design awards and such, but to my knowledge, no one has scientifically researched the longevity-to-abuse ratio over so many years as myself.  Living in a house without carpet (all hardwood and tile) leaves no margin for kindness when remotes are dropped or knocked off tables, etc.  Since the TiVo remote is used more often than all the other remotes combined – it gets dropped more often – almost daily in fact.  Not necessarily by myself, mind you; there are other forces at work in my home.

Up until today I have been impressed by how durable the TiVo remote is.  It has had pieces break loose inside and rattle around.  That problem was solved by opening the battery cover and shaking them out.  The remote still worked.  It has popped its ‘seams’ along the side at times.  That solution was easy: lightly squeeze until it snapped back together (once I had to rap it on the coffee table to get it back together).  The remote still worked.

I say ‘up until today’ I was impressed  because after this day merely being impressed does not begin to describe my amazement at the ability of the TiVo remote to absorb punishment, laugh it off and goes about its business.

Lookie here:

Just another day for the Immortal TiVo Remote

Just another day for the Immortal TiVo Remote

Yes, complete and total spontaneous disassembly from its last battle with gravity.

However, I snapped the parts back together like Lego bricks, put the batteries back in and behold: It Still Works!

Wolverine should be envious.