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ATF Abuses – Door to Door Infringements

Following the media push of the discredited “90% Lie”, we now have this:

ATF Does What ATF Does… (from Michael Bane’s Blog)

The on-going ATF “initiative” in Texas is the subject of a Houston Chronicle article that led off Drudge this AM (and my pod rant last week):

Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time

In front of a run-down shack in north Houston, federal agents step from a government sedan into 102-degree heat and face a critical question: How can the woman living here buy four high-end handguns in one day?

The house is worth $35,000. A screen dangles by a wall-unit air conditioner. Porch swing slats are smashed, the smattering of grass is flattened by cars and burned yellow by sun.

“I’ll do the talking on this one,” agent Tim Sloan, of South Carolina, told partner Brian Tumiel, of New York.

Success on the front lines of a government blitz on gunrunners supplying Mexican drug cartels with Houston weaponry hinges on logging heavy miles and knocking on countless doors. Dozens of agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — sent here from around the country — are needed to follow what ATF acting director Kenneth Melson described as a “massive number of investigative leads.”

Definitely read the whole thing…it’s guaranteed to turn your stomach. The proper response for the lead paragraph of this story is simple — in the absence of probable cause that a crime has been committed, it is no one’s business if, how or why a poor woman bought 3 “high-end handguns.” It is certainly not the business of a federal agency who shipped in agents from around the country to basically use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper…

Read the rest of Michael Bane’s article here.

When you read the Houston Chronicle Article, note the last paragraph:

Some stories, they [the agents] say, are hard to believe. The lamest so far came from a police officer: He said he bought a few military-style rifles, left them in his car and — on the same night — forgot to lock a door. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t file a police report or why he visited Mexico the day after the alleged theft.

Sounds like the lady in the $35K house might not be the biggest problem.  Of course, the ATF is ignoring the idea that illegal Mexican guns could be due to the actions of corrupt officials within the Mexican Govt and Police.

For more information (including a video of why you should NEVER talk to the police without a lawyer, EVER) read David Codrea’s Examiner Article here.

That way, if they do come and ask to enter your house, see your guns, have you answer questions, etc. you’ll know the proper response: A firm but polite “No.”

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  1. I have been Emailing my elected officials demanding that they if possible shut the BATFE down. And if not possible to defund them! Everything I’ve read shows that the BATFE serves absolutely NO legitimate purpose! They seem to think its thier job to harass honest law abiding Americans!

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