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New Brownells Catalog (#62) Arrived Today!


If you’ve never received a catalog from Brownells, you don’t know what you are missing.  Any of you old enough to remember the Sears Wishbook catalogs around Chirstmas time know the feeling when you find a Brownells catalog in your mailbox.  It’s about as big too – at least a couple of pounds.

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of gun parts and gunsmithing tools, and every item in their catalog has a picture, in color.  Sure, they recently updated their website to include lots of videos (how to’s, product demos, etc.) and even the super cool AR-15 Builder where you can ‘build’ an AR rifle by dragging and dropping the parts with your mouse, and also the site search engine for parts actually works now, but still the catalog is tangible, portable and cool.  Mine always wind up being marked with notes, highlighting, tabs, etc.  Some of us still wish; but now days the dilemma isn’t whether Santa will bring the items but in choosing which items can be budgeted for first.  They do have gift certificates though…wink. wink.

Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio program is sponsored by Brownells and if you are a listener then you already know that by mentioning his program, Brownells will send you one for free.

You should call them or go to their website and order one right now.

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