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Chris Matthews vs. Individual Rights

Chris Matthews asks, “How dare you exercise your legal rights!?  You might wake the sheeple!”

Short version: William Kostric, legally carried a firearm openly at a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire while holding sign and Nothing Bad Happened.  Chris “Obama Mancrush” Matthews interviews Mr. Kostric as to why he brought a gun to the event.  Mr. Kostric keeps his cool while being repeatedly shouted down and makes Chris “My Leg Is Tingling” Matthews look like a complete hack (which he is.)

Watch Video
Note: Chris “Blaspheming Unprofessional” Matthews’ production crew saw fit to superimpose a label stating “RAGE AT HOME” on the chest of Mr. Kostric.  Simply watching the interview would seem to indicate that the ‘rage’ is coming from Matthews, not Kostric.

Update: (From John Lott, Jr.’s website)  Apparently Wm. Kostric’s group was accosted while he was packing:

… In particular, that William Kostric, the man with a gun, was attacked by union members immediately before the event and behaved extremely responsibly…

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