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SkyNet Update: Robotic Vampire Bats

OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but after the story on the corpse-dining EATR bot and then reading the two articles below, it just follows reason.  You’ll see what I mean.

The Flesh Eating Robotic Clock – uses a conveyor belt of fly paper to catch and ‘eat’ flies to power itself.  Researchers hope to also have a bug powered lamp and rat-eating coffee table. WTH?? – My coffee table currently consumes no power, and I have no rats.  It’s like inventing an electric doorstop.

OK, so combine the ‘bio-fueled’ robots (a disturbing trend indeed) with the Robo Bat and it just sort of follows.

Probably not solar powered... they're nocturnal

Probably not solar powered... they're nocturnal

See? Robot Vampire Bats.  Keep your shotguns handy.

Heaven forbid they join forces with the exploding robot snakes.

Box from Brownells: Happy Day!

I had mentioned that Brownells catalog #62 just came out and that you should get one.  Seriously, get one.

Anyway, you can’t have a new Brownells catalog and not order something, so when I mentioned it to a friend, he replied that he had been wanting a few magazines for his rifle.  Badda-boom:  instant excuse to place an order.

Here’s a pic of his part:

Flat Dark Earth. It's the 'New Black' except that it's Tan...

Flat Dark Earth. It's the 'New Black' except that it's Tan...

15 P-Mags and 10 Brownells Tac-Mags (MagPul followers & chrome silicon springs)

When my lovely bride saw it she pointedly asked, “What’s all that?”

I replied with relish, “A Good Start.” 😀

A Week Without A Post? Dang.

Time to get back at it.