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Twelve Dollar Frito Pie

Yep.  You read that right.

Lucky for me it was on special.  Instead of the usual menu price of $11.95, today it was only $8.95.

It's on Special!
It’s on Special!

Yes, I was lured to the above establishment (through no fault of the restaurant itself) on the prospect of a business opportunity only to find myself in a sales pitch for a pyramid scheme.  Cr*p.  To compound the insult the attendees had to buy their own lunch.  Double Cr*p.  Furthermore, my bill had a pre-added gratuity.  Triple…

If you ever find yourself in such a situation ask yourself, “If they are making so much money, how come they can’t pick up the tab?!”  You might also ask, “Why, if the product is so great, do they not offer double blind independent studies as to its effectiveness?” and, “Why is the product education portion of the ‘seminar’ only 15 minutes, while the explanation of the compensation structure takes a full hour?”  I expressed my displeasure by semi-whispering snarky comments during the presentation to the lady to my right and stayed a bit late to unabashedly critique the ‘product’ with her as people were leaving.

BTW, I did order the $8.95 Frito Pie.  Mostly because it was about the cheapest entree on the menu, but also so I could say that I’ve tasted Nine (or Twelve) Dollar Frito Pie.

It was better than most Frito pies that I’ve had.  It was served in a heated fajita skillet with about half a pound of Fritos serving as the foundation of this gastronomic delight.  Covering the base of chips was a layer of melted  shredded cheddar cheese and a goodly amount of ‘homemade’ chili with tasty pork and beef.  To complete the dish, a dollop of real sour cream and a garnish of cilantro crowned the peak.  I can’t recall for sure but there might have been a bit of shredded iceberg lettuce somewhere in there as well.

Ultimately, as impressive as the fare was, it was still just a dressed up Frito pie and about half-way through I was wishing I’d ordered the Cuban sandwich.

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