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Yeah, that ought to work…

BHO’s speech last night was insulting, narcissistic, divisive, trite and disingenuous.

Obama simply can’t fathom that we, The People, don’t trust him and aren’t buying his offal.  Obviously, if can’t convince someone of something, making your argument louder (while berating them) is the best way to convince them.

To top it off, he called forth the spectre of “Lyin’ in the Senate” Ted Kennedy (still dead, BTW) with a letter written from beyond the grave as his grand finale to rally the troops in yet another push to cram the largest power grab in history socialized health care down our throats.

Really?  Ted Kennedy is your trump card?!  Yeah, that ought to work…

Yep, BHO’s a grand communicator alright and the unifying power of his demagoguery is certainly on display.  If I wasn’t against it before (and I was against it; a lot!), I’m certainly without-a-doubt, no-holds-barred, unequivocally against it now.  I’m betting that today many more thousands are too.  Let’s see his approval numbers now.

As for Joe Wilson who rightfully called The Anointed One on his ‘misinformation’ (“You Lie!”): Damn it, man! Never apologize for telling the truth!

Remember last week’s outrage, the “I Pledge” video?  All those Hollywood sycophants ‘pledging’ various politically correct actions and allegiances, including “to be a servant to our President” [@ 3:54 if you want to skip to it].

Well, here’s mine:

“I pledge to work tirelessly, devoting all available resources and energy, to ensure that Barack Hussein Obama’s power base is banished in 2010 and to furthermore ensure that he is a one term President.”

Join me.

Update:  Larry Correia (author of Monster Hunter International, to be reviewed here soon) has an AWESOME play-by-play Snarkfest in true MST3K style of the whole speech.


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  1. Gag me on the I pledge video. I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD,… not Demi or Ashton.

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