Powerful Audio: ‘Susan from Glenfield’ on Rush Limbaugh

Rush had a spectacular call today from a lady in California who poured out her heart and soul venting her outrage, pain and frustration on the failure of our government ‘representatives’ to protect our rights and freedoms, and their criminal neglect of the duties of the offices that they hold.

Without interruption, Mr. Limbaugh allows her to articulate what we conservatives feel at our core.   It must be heard to be appreciated.  Thankfully, Rush has posted the audio and written transcript of it to the free section of his website.

Please, go here to listen to it.  The segment is a bit long but the first 7 minutes will make you want to listen to the rest of it.

At the end, Rush comments that all our congressmen and senators should hear Susan’s call and the passion in it.  I agree; she certainly speaks for me.  I was cheering her as I listened.

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