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It’s about trust – Concealed Carry Ammo Considerations

Please read this piece by Sebastian.  I’d like to call attention to this comment by ‘Whitebread’ (below the article):

Every time I go to the range (assuming this to be once every month or so), the first magazine I shoot is the one that I’d been carrying in the gun. I do not oil or clean out the gun prior to going to the range. I arrive, unholster, and start my work using the carry ammo. After the first magazine, I might give the gun some oil and blow out the dust if I’m going to be shooting a lot more.

This is very reassuring, especially if you’re prone to “gun won’t work” nightmares. The point being driven home is that it WOULD have worked had you needed it. If it DOESN’T work, of course, you’ve got issues to deal with.

I had just such an experience two weekends ago, without the reassuring part.  Out with a friend having a good time at the range and before we started to pack it in for the day I thought I’d shoot my carry gun.  I drew it as I’d been carrying it, took a fine bead and pressed the trigger and heard the loudest click ever.

Chilling, but I recovered and performed a Tap-Rack-Bang drill, only to hear another ‘click’.

Several more attempts to fire resulted in repeated failures to fire on multiple cartridges due to light firing pin strikes.  A cold feeling in my stomach began as I realized that this tool which I’d carried for quite a while now was not reliable.  It worked the last time I shot it.  It’s clean, mechanically everything seems to function as intended and the ammunition is a ‘premium’ factory defensive load.  I don’t know what the problem is.

Sure, it’s better to find out now rather than when it would be needed most, but that’s about all the comfort I have.  I called the manufacturer and they asked me to send it in for repair, which I certainly will.  But by all means test your rig.  Often.

I’m carrying something else for now.

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