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Is Scott Brown a Friend to Gun Owners?

He is.  A lot more so than Kennedy was, but he’s no TEA Party candidate.

I spent the day rejoicing that Brown won and the Dems got served a heaping pile of rebuke.  Heh.

Hugh Hewitt remarked that it was The Most Significant Non-Presidential Election of my Lifetime, and the Most Surprising Result Period (and that’s not an understatement).

Then I saw a Drudge headline asking if Scott Brown will seek the Presidency next.

Whoa. Let’s just wait a moment….

First off let me say that I am tickled pink that Scott Brown won.  I even donated to his campaign in the hopes of breaking the Senate’s 60 seat super-majority (Alliteration: Yea!).  But, even as shock and fear grind through the Democrat party like tectonic tremors as the ramifications of Brown’s win sink into the minds of the non-celebrity Dems and their coming elections, let’s pause for a moment to reflect on whether Brown is ‘our guy’.

Brown is the guy that took Ted Kennedy’s seat* away from the Dems (in Massachusetts, no less!).   However, Massachusetts already has a ‘universal health care’ system and it seems their opposition to a national single-payer plan is largely based on the idea that they don’t want to pay for anybody else’s health care but their own.

Also if you missed Scott Brown’s victory speech (like I did), apparently he thanked his new friend and colleague for helping nurture and guide his campaign.  That friend is Sen. John “Reach Across the Aisle” McCain.

But to the meat of the matter: David Codrea has a piece today that reveals some of Sen. Brown’s views on our 2nd Amendment rights, which for someone from Massachusetts, is actually not too bad (supports concealed carry).  His view however are not so much in line for what the Founding Fathers believed (Brown supports ending private sales between individuals and some other things I don’t care for.)

So, we’ll have to keep looking for the next Reagan-to-follow-Carter for the time being.


The Dems lost Kennedy’s seat*!    Nah Na Na Na Nah!
The Dems lost Kennedy’s seat*!    Nah Na Na Na Nah!

(A little schadenfreude every now and then is OK ).

Now let’s all throw a few bucks to Tark and see what happens.

[*Yes, I know it’s the People’s Seat]

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