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Ford EF MkIV puts the screws to the Green Police

My job still keeps me way busy these days, so I am a little behind the curve on this topic but I couldn’t resist adding to the meme started by SayUncle.

Other sentiments regarding the epic fail of Audi’s Green Police ad have spread like wild fire.

Further support of SayUncle’s vehicle of choice have cropped up here and here.

Rob Allen of Sharp as a Marble has since created a spiffy commercial art piece to launch the ad campaign for the monster.

Which reminded me of a pic a grabbed with my cell phone a while back.  I am dubbing it from this point forward: The Ford EF Mk IV

(International CXT - World's Largest Production Pickup)

Ford EF Mk IV (actually the International CXT)

Actually, it’s not made by Ford; in truth it’s from International and is called the CXT.  It is billed as the World’s Largest Production Pickup.  (you can read Motor Trend’s review here).

I think it should be licensed by Ford and have wheels like this:

Ford EF Mk IV rims a la Gladiator

Take that, Hippies!

One Response

  1. Something to haul the chariot around in >:)

    (See Lawdog’s blog for the chariot details)

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