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Is It Free Yet?

It’s starting already.

A friend of mine who works for a personal injury clinic told me yesterday (March 22, 2010 – the same day BHO signed the Health Care Deform bill into socialist law) that some patients were already asking if their clinic visits were now ‘free’.

I suggested she reply with, “Why do you ask?  Do you work for free at your job?”

Of course, I might have suggested other verbiage but I don’t want her to lose her job any earlier.

2 Responses

  1. The parasite class is already raising their heads looking for a free meal. They are so quick to expect a handout without a thought to where the money to pay for their handouts comes from.

    Related story: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/7281166/

    We’re going to have a tipping point soon where things will really get (more) out of balance (than they are now). We’re very close to 50% of the population paying ZERO income taxes whatsoever, and once the scales really tip in their favor, what is going to be the incentive for the producers?

  2. Maybe it’s best that the collapse come swiftly.
    I know it sounds heartless, but I’m tired & I don’t care anymore.
    When the collapse comes, those that are unwilling (not the unabled – there is a difference) to take care of themselves will eventually die off – them and their usless offspring. They will die off from natural causes (ie, hunger, there will be no one to feed or medicate them), or they will be shot as they, the useless, fall prey to the wolves of society – and / or, they fall as they attempt to steal from those defending their own rightful property.

    Then we, the Productive, can go about re-building, hopefully, a decent society.

    I will not mourn their passing, either the self-helpless welfare class, or the Marxist-educated class.

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