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Auction for Tactical Vest = Unfortunate Typo


Constructed of high quality Cordura and Mil-Spec Nylon Mess, do not let the low price fool you.

New Wonder Ammo? (TTAG T3 “Bolo Bullet”)

The Truth About Guns has the review with video of a new ammunition design that immediately upon exiting the muzzle separates into three fin-stabilized projectiles that remain tethered via a tiny cable as they fly.

Is this an elegant solution to a non-existent problem?  I wonder…

Can they also coat the fragments with a fast acting paralytic agent and put a mini-taser unit into the center of the tether?   Has anyone yet developed obsidian-sharp mono-molecular wire to use as the tether?

It is an  impressive application of design and engineering, though.  Now if the ammo only performed like Maximilian the robot taking out Anthony Perkins in The Black Hole that would be something.

SkyNet Update: Samsung Robosoldier

read about it at the The Firearm Blog:

Earlier this year South Korea made news by deploying two experimental sentry robots that were able to shoot at perceived threats without human intervention. A few days ago the UTSPO granted Samsung Techwin, a subsidiary of South Korean giant Samsung, a patent for an “Automatic shooting mechanism and robot“.


If one asks for a “phased plasma rifle, 40 watt range” just run.


Better than a “Shoot Me First” Vest: NRA’s Tactical Vest T-Shirt

I found this at the NRA Store today:

NRA Tactical Vest T-shirt

Can be purchased here

What I really find enlightening is the product description (my emphasis added):

Inspired by the popular MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) vests employed by military and law enforcement today, the NRA Tactical Vest T-Shirt’s authentic look features much of the same tactical gear as special operators. Such tools-of-the-trade displayed on the design include a semi-auto pistol, magazines, flashlights and carabiners. It looks so real it’s sure the catch the eye of military and law enforcement enthusiasts, as well as 2nd Amendment activists. The black, 6.1 oz. 100% cotton fabric will look and feel great for years to come. The NRA Tactical logo is displayed on the left chest and rear neck.

Yep.  It, might garner some attention alright.  Not exactly the thing to wear if going for the whole ‘gray man’ thing.

Additional thought: How long before some kid gets kicked out of school for wearing this one?

Concealed Carry Permit holder helped subdue Giffords’ shooter

A concealed carry permit holder was one of those brave citizens that tackled the lone whack job that shot Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed and wounded many others.  Joe Zamudio was leaving a Walgreen’s pharmacy when he heard gunshots… and ran toward them to see if he could help.

Update: (found the Fox interview)

Update 2: had to change links; try this one to see an interview

Also see interview with Geraldo Rivera here. [link is defunct]



Please note that Joe was just one of the several heroes on the scene.  Patricia Maisch ran to disarm the assassin by grabbing the magazine.  Roger Salzgeber and Col. Bill Badger also tackled and held the shooter down.  Col. Badger [74 years old!] actually suffered a gunshot wound to the head before taking action.  All are true citizen heroes.

I bring attention to Joe Zamudio primarily because most of the national media, judging by reporting on similar previous stories, will likely downplay or ignore the fact that he is a concealed permit holder.

Here is a man that heard gunshots and ran towards them in an effort to help however he could.  He did this without knowing the situation or who was in danger.  Arriving on scene he recognized that the criminal was no longer a threat and provided assistance in restraining the assassin.  Several things should be noted:

  • He did not draw a firearm and charge into an unknown situation.  That would have added to the confusion, possibly leading to him being identified as a second gunman.
  • He was aware that there was a crowd and recognized the danger of hitting bystanders.
  • A person other than the assassin was in control of the firearm when Joe arrived.  He did not misidentify the criminal and fire on an innocent.
  • He did not act as “judge, jury and executioner”.
  • He has stated (on the Fox and Friends interview) that he has no special training for such situations.

Please keep these in mind as in the wake of this tragedy, the blood dancers wail and moan about the need to ban guns, ammo, and full capacity magazines (the shooter used a 31 round mag in his Glock).  The gun banners will say that only cops have the training and ability to use firearms and stop criminals.  This incident highlights that citizens are capable and the cops are always second responders.  Here we have a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun and it was the bad guy who sprayed bullets into the crowd.  It’s not the implement; it’s the criminal.

Do not let anyone tell you that your freedoms must be restricted because of the actions of criminals.  If the consequences of the crime of premeditated murder won’t stop a lone nut from shooting a congresswoman and into a crowd, more laws won’t stop another from doing the same.  Gun bans only create more victims.

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