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Gun Shop Review: 10 Ring (NW Houston)

I like to support independent retailers in the gun business whenever possible.  Unlike the big box stores, the small business shops actually (with some exceptions) care about their customers and work to please them.  They also need our help to survive.

Mass retailer chain stores only stock what products are known to make money in a timely fashion and every foot of shelf space is expected to generate a specific level of profit.  The mass retailers have no loyalty to the product, only the bottom line.  When at such time that chain store decides the profit isn’t enough or the hassle becomes too much, that product line disappears.  If that product line is guns and ammo, too bad.  If you only go to a local gun store to glean information (handle the firearms, ask questions, etc.) and then purchase elsewhere (internet, gun shows, mass retailer) don’t be surprised if that shop disappears in short order. Even if it’s just a box of ammo, spare magazine or other accessory, try to buy something often from your local gun store(s).

So, I will from time to time review local gun shops in an effort to give them (a bit) more publicity (when deserved) and help them along.

Today’s gun shop is 10 Ring

I heard about 10 ring via a local radio commercial during Gun Talk.  Located in NW Houston they specialize primarily in reloading supplies and are well stocked with components, presses, dies, boxes, powder and accessories.  Most major brands were stocked including RCBS, Lee, Redding, Hornady, Hodgdon, Speer, MTM, etc.  It appears that they started as a reloading shop and expanded into FFL sales as the dividing wall to the next shop space was open to a firearms section.  A good selection of guns (from muzzleloaders to concealed carry to sporting arms) was neatly organized and plainly labeled with a few unusual pieces to pique interest: a scoped .30-30 double rifle based on a Stoeger side by side, a Martini action .22 long rifle, a pair of .32 Ruger single actions (one bisley, one super single six). Also seen in the case was the (currently) rarely seen in the wild Ruger LC9.  I thought the pricing to be fair for most items with some good specials to be found.  The selection of shooting accessories such as holsters, etc. was well rounded but not too deep which was understandable for a smaller shop.

The staff was courteous, helpful and good-natured.  Case in point: When I was informed about a discount on some closeout lead bullets (20% off), I jokingly asked if the discount went higher the more I bought.  Smiling, the salesman kindly replied, “No, but I’ll give you a hug.”  Laughing, I politely declined.  I did get the bullets though.  I bought a thousand 180gr. truncated cone .44’s – the kind I sighted my Vaqueros in for when I first started cowboy action shooting.

Investing in precious metals: .44 Caliber 180gr Lead Truncated Cones

It was a good trip to visit a store I hadn’t been to before and I’ll go back next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear the good review. Was thinking about reloading equipment for my birthday present. Pass by there occasionally but had never stopped in. Did not know they had expanded to FFL.
    How is there parts selection for 1911’s?

    As far as Ruger LC-9 http://godscaliber.blogspot.com/2011/04/illusive-ruger-lc-9.html

    • If you are asking about gunsmithing parts for 1911’s, I didn’t see any that I recall. The FFL shop appears to designed around sales of complete firearms and accessories, not so much about aftermarket mods or repair. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to go in and ask them 🙂

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