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QOTD: Baden Powell

Stumbling around the intarwebz, I found this gem:

Long before he invented Boy Scouts, Baden-Powell referred to his camping gear as his “toys,” and he then went on to write, “May it not be that our toys are the various media adapted to individual tastes through which men may know their God?”

Found here

I have to admit that I crack a smile reading that.  I do enjoy my “toys” and have had near spiritual experiences while playing with them.

Have you ever been so tuned in during a shooting match as to be able to watch the sunlight reflect of the base of your bullets as they travel from your pistol to the targets?

A simple day ‘playing’ can be just as fulfilling.  Get outdoors, shoot a match, plink, practice, train, hunt, fish, build, fix, create.  Go play with your toys.

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