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SkyNet Update: Synthetic Humans, Now Ultra-Realistic!

Waaay back in 1981 the sci-fi movie Looker introduced us to the idea of digitized images of scanned women animated to make the ‘perfect’ television commercial spokeswomen/models.  Then, in 2004, S1mOne, presented a scenario where a wholly artificial digital actress fooled millions of film fans.  Now, finally, in 2011 a digital human has been created that actually fooled millions.  Her name is Eguchi Aimi.

The fans of Japanese pop band, AKB48 were “shocked” to find that one of the seven members shown in a candy commercial only exists as 150 gb of data.  ‘She’ was created as a composite of the other six band members using different facial features from each.

Of course now that I’ve spoiled it you might be able to spot the simulacrum in this video:

I can see how people would be fooled by that.  Even knowing to look for it, it’s surprisingly well done.

Here’s how it was done:

[More at SingularityHub]

So far it seems these synthetic people have only been created to represent canons of beauty.  That is useful intel.  When the robot apocalypse goes down, my advice now stands at “Beware of pretty people. They will most likely be Terminators”.

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