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New MRE’s: Now with Caffeinated Beef Jerky!


There are now 24 different MREs to choose from (up from 12), including items like apple-cinnamon muffin tops, Asian pepper steak, chicken and rice, and beef lo-mein. A brand new snack food is caffeinated beef jerky sticks, which provide as much wake-up power as a cup of coffee.

Caffeine + Beef Jerky = WIN!

From the Perky Jerky website:

Perky Jerky is the new high-protein, ultra-premium, functional food for active lifestyles taking the nation by storm. We start with premium all natural beef (no MSG, no nitrates), and add our 7 ingredient marinade, which includes Guarana, a little berry from the Amazon that is commonly found in energy drinks.

Hmmm, so it’s the marinade, eh?  I guess that qualifies as Awesome Sauce.

I’m seeing a world of possibilities now….  *starts crafting caffeinated maple syrup to create caffeinated maple flavored thick sliced bacon*

Product Review Update:  Noting that the Perky Jerky website says their product is available at *Bullseye* stores, I purchased a bag during lunch today.  It’s labeled “Ultra Premium” and at $5.00 for 2.2 oz, I’d say that qualifies.  The printed expiration date on my package is for 10 months exactly from the date of purchase; that’s plenty of storage life even if you rotate food stocks in your BOB only every few months. The nutritional information on the back does not list the amount of caffeine per serving and the only place guarana is listed is 7th (out of eight) in the ingredients right after pepper and just before ‘organic Worcestershire sauce’.  In fact there is no mention of caffeine anywhere on the packaging.  The product is very consistent and I was surprised at the moisture level of the jerky; the meat was soft, flexible and easy to chew compared to some other known brands.  Most pieces were about an inch and a half wide, of varying lengths and about an 1/8th of an inch thick.  The flavor is fairly bold and slightly sweet due to the seasoning being mostly soy sauce and brown sugar.  While my preference in jerky is for less sweet, locally produced smoked beef, I’m glad I didn’t pass up the chance to try caffeinated meat.  I do appreciate that they do not use preservatives or nitrates as my wife is sensitive to some such things.  Their statement that a portion of their earnings are devoted to MS and Down Syndrome research is something that I can appreciate as well.  Overall, Perky Jerky is at least as good as the other jerky brands sold at major retailers/grocery stores and I’m glad I tried it even it was primarily for the novelty of it.

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