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Deal Alert: “Unicorn Sale” 90% off Safariland Lvl 3 Holster LH G17/22/31

Remembering several recent pleas to Open Carry advocates to “get better holsters“, I thought I’d share this with you: a name brand, professional grade, level III retention holster for $20.  If you happen to be a left handed Glock shooter.

That’s a pretty good deal if you’re a southpaw.  At that price, you could even buy one as a gift for your left-handed glock-toting tightwad OC buddy.

Finetac finish Safariland 6070

[I had to look up what the FineTac finish is; it’s basically bare kydex.]  Click here to go to item page.

BTW, this message is provided as a public service to enhance the image and security of open carriers.  I have no affiliation with OMB Express other than having purchased from them before.

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