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Breda (Shotgun) in Mozambique

One of my long time friends, a fellow firearms afficionado, recently took a job overseas in Pemba, Mozambique.  Knowing how folks are curious about arms in other countries, I wanted to share some pictures of the shotgun that a local security guard carries.  Most security guards there only carry nightsticks; this guard, being quite proud of his gun, was happy to show it off.  [click images to embiggen]

A security guard in Mozambique displays his shotgun

It’s an Italian made Breda* (mostly likely the Antares model) that functions much like a Remington 11 or Browning Auto 5 using a long action recoil operated mechanism with a reciprocating barrel.  While I can’t find a list of manufacturing dates, I have found references to them being produced from the late fifties.  An interesting feature is that they were designed to be completely disassembled without tools (link to owners manual).  On this one, if you look closely on the forend you can see where it was repaired with suture-like wire fishing line ‘stitches’ above and below the length of the crack.  The loop of wire on the forend is for hanging it up for storage.  It obviously shows the long term wear from the daily handling of a working gun but it is still carried with pride and cared for.  I can’t see a spot of rust on the bolt.

Closeup of the Breda shotgun receiver

I looked about and found a YewToobz video showing the takedown of what appears to be the exact model for those of you curious as to the innards of this firearm.

As well as a video demonstrating a long action recoil mechanism in slow motion (utilizing an Auto 5)

Stay tuned for more pics from the other side of the world.

*most likely no relation to this Breda

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