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Mythbusters Violate Rule #4 in Spectacular Fashion

Cooper’s Rule #4: Be sure of your target (and what’s behind it).

Mythbusters let a 6″ cannonball get away from them and it flew 700 yards and punched through a cinder block wall, completely penetrated an occupied house, crossed a six lane road, knocked off some roof tiles and came rest by destroying a minivan. (pics at the link)

Video: Mythbusters cannon accident news story

Wow!  Thank God no one was hurt.

The print article goes on to say that Mythbusters has insurance in case of ‘mishaps’.   I bet those premiums go up a tad after this too.

A quote from the article:

Reached Tuesday evening, [Adam] Savage said, “I can’t talk right now,” before hanging  up.

No foolin’.

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