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Quisling or Fudd? Jeremy Alcede’s History of Bad Advice

Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas is catching all kinds of hell for comments made on the air  [click to listen] supporting Lautenberg and McCarthy’s current proposal that would ban online ammunition sales and require record keeping of face to face ammunition sales.  And rightly so.  Any amount of capitulation to gun control only emboldens the Anti’s and furthermore, agreeing to the loss of civil rights for the purpose of eliminating competing businesses is as low as a belly gunner on an armadillo.

Tam especially takes him to task in her own lead-pipe-to-the-face prose with the reader comments in full support.

However, this isn’t Mr. Alcede’s first time to espouse spectacularly bad advice on the radio.  Back on May 15th of this year, on the Matt Patrick show, Alcede offered this [paraphrased] nugget of self defense wisdom: If during a home invasion with your door being kicked open, don’t try to seek out and meet the aggressor.  Instead, shoot out the bedroom window and in doing so scare off the intruder and alert the neighbors to call the police.

Click here to listen to his rationale for this.  Also, pay attention at the 1:40 mark where he says he told his wife to let his children be killed in order to save herself rather than go house clearing with a shotgun.

Even if you are able to consider his advice after hearing that, he obviously isn’t aware that warning shots are a crime and will land you in jail.  Maybe even 20 years worth as in one case from Florida.  Even if a gang of 20 is on your front lawn threatening you and your family, firing a warning shot will get you sent up the river.

I had high hopes for his business when I first heard about it; after all what gun nut doesn’t want another place to shop and shoot?  His initial concept and execution of the business plan were impressive.  He has worked hard to promote the store and launched it with a big event that featured manufacturer representatives and even an autograph session with R. Lee Ermy (The Gunny).  The store is bright, clean, well stocked and also has female staff in an effort to appeal to every customer.

While I am not trying to excuse him but perhaps Mr. Alcede is the type of man who isn’t really a firearms enthusiast but saw a business opportunity as the firearms market exploded in the last few years.  That would sort of make him a Fudd, and in my mind there is the possibility that a Fudd can be educated and even reformed.  I tend to view them largely as gun owners that are ignorant of the civil rights involved in gun ownership most likely due to a lack of interest in politics in general.  It’s not a polite term but it is kinder than Quisling.

Ironically, it’s his own drive to promote the store that led to this current firestorm.  As part of his drive to advertise for the store he apparently has offered to be the on air ‘expert’ whenever firearm related news pops up.  Unfortunately he has not bothered to educate himself in the pro-freedom mindset, civil rights history, legal aspects of firearm usage or even sound defensive tactics.  When he first Zumbo’d himself back in May, I had hoped that the local backlash would knock some sense into him and he would be more careful going forward.   I purposefully didn’t blog about it because I didn’t want to promote bad advice or punish him for a single misstep.  I wanted to believe that his intentions were good and that he was simply a better businessman than a public speaker.  However, this latest explanation of his reasoning (i.e. his business prospering at the expense of our freedom) is more than I can stomach.  I expect he is currently learning the lessons also taught to Jim Zumbo, Bill Ruger, and Smith & Wesson [in fairness, Ruger and S&W have offered mea culpa, repented and again prospered – largely due to changes in ownership/management].

So what say you?  Do we forever brand him as a traitor?  Is there a way Jeremy Alcede can redeem himself and be forgiven?  What would he have to do to earn our trust?


Voice of Insanity has received an email reply from Mr. Alcede regarding this matter. Click here to read it.

Also Mr. Alcede said that he would again take to the airwaves on 8/3/2012  on the Matt Patrick show to clarify his position.  When I find audio of that I will link to it.

2 Responses

  1. I have the feeling a new “reality TV” Show starring this idiot might be in the making

  2. Is he forever branded? No. S&W, Bill Ruger and Jim Zumbo all earned the wrath of the firearms community and came back. Well, not Bill Ruger, he’s dead but his company. An apology would be a good start but I don’t see that happening so the only other thing is time and not repeating his mistake.

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