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It’s About the Next 40 years, Not the Next 4

Get out and vote!  Vote straight ticket Republican and take a friend, coworker, neighbor or anybody else that will also vote straight ticket Republican.  Straight ticket because we need the House and the Senate to overturn the damage that has already been done. Furthermore even if the local dogcatcher has a ‘D’ after their name, it’s an acknowledgement that they accept the leadership and policies of Obama (and Pelosi, and Reid, and Holder, and Schumer, etc.) and I don’t want any of my local government supporting and tax money paying for that.

For those that don’t think Obama has done anything to restrict your firearm rights, think again.  GunBanObama.com has the extensive list of anti-gun actions he has already committed.

Remember also his comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “After my election I have more flexibility.”  A tacit admission that without the fear of having to be elected again, the brakes would be competely off for the next term for any and all regulation and restrictions he seeks to impose.

And that brings me to the title of this article.  All federal judges, not just those on the Supreme Court, are appointed for life.  Obama has already attempted to stack the deck against our Second Amendment by the appointments he has already made.  All appointments [hundreds] made during the next four years will impact our Rights for the next 40.

We the People won the Heller and McDonald cases by one vote.  Our natural rights were affirmed by one person deciding in our favor in both cases in a 5 to 4 decision.  The next President may have as many as three Supreme Court appointments.  Just imagine another three Kagans, Sotomayers or Holders.  Beyond that, only an infintesimal percentage of cases make it to the SCOTUS, almost all decisions from the lower courts stand.  Another four years means going from having the deck stacked against us to not even having a seat at the table.  To use another metaphor: Obama will salt the Earth against your gun rights.

Look, I realize that we rarely ever get a choice between good and better;  it’s often a choice between bad and worse.  However, the way to fix a party is from within it; look at the influence the Tea Party movement has had so far.  Yes, Mitt Romney did sign “Assault Weapons” legislation, but that law was endorsed by gun owners and served as a ‘fix’ for already existing law.  Mitt’s not the ideal candidate (and since I’m not running, no one is) but he’s better than the alternative.  I understand the urge to vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, but I also remember that in 1992, thanks to Ross Perot, we wound up with eight years of Bill Clinton, who won his first term with only 43% of the overall vote.  And Clinton gave us the ’94 Assault Weapons (i.e. semi-automatic) Ban.  That one had a 10 year sunset; Obama’s won’t.  Do you remember folks paying $120 for a single full-capacity Glock 17 magazine?  I do.

These thoughts are why this superb piece by Bill Whittle resonates so strongly with me:

So if you haven’t done so already, please go vote today.  Vote for Mitt Romney and every other Republican you can.  And for Heaven’s sake don’t let the mainstream media outlets discourage you from voting.  They will try and call states early for the Democrats in hope of convincing later voters to stay home.  If you are in the line to vote when the polls close you still get to cast your ballot.  Your vote matters and we have to win by a larger margin than they can cheat.


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