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Enough of the Pity Party; Time to Cowboy Up!

I admit that last night I felt pretty low.  I asked myself if finally those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living in this country.  My gut felt sour and I didn’t sleep well.

This morning however, I’ve been building up a slow burn.  I began thinking of my lineage; of forefathers that fought wars for me and mine, of ancestors that overcame oppression, cast down dictators and created a Republic.  Rather than lament a bleak future for the children of today, I recalled that one of my grandfathers left school in the 4th grade to provide for his family during the Great Depression and afterward never stopped working hard (as a soldier, a laborer, and as a machinist) every day for the rest of his life to improve his station in life.  My other grandfather left the farm to fight in World War II and then came back and while still caring for his young family put himself through medical school working as many side jobs as he could.  Both men raised families saved wisely, retired debt free and left the world better for their own.  I remembered that people from all over the world still want to come here for the opportunity to prosper and that having the fortune to be born here puts me in the top 1% of the world’s most affluent. We have the resources to combat those who would force our country farther to the left.  We have to duty to resist.

This is not the time to panic, give up, whine or pity ourselves.  My forefathers wouldn’t have and I won’t shame their memory by doing so.  We have the finest birthright in the world and now is the time to earn it!

I know the Great Gun Buying Frenzy of 2012 just kicked off this morning, but before you spend another $100 bucks on ammo, mags and other items to stash away how about the first thing you do is take that first C-note to either join or renew your NRA membership?  One year is only $25.  Then sign up your family members.  Hell, sign up your dog too.  After that join your state’s pro-firearm association.  There is strength in numbers and we need as many as we can get now for the fight ahead.  That’s not all that will be required of you but it’s something you can do today.

Nothing is over and I’m not quitting.  Pledge your service, get your head right and Cowboy Up!

2 Responses

  1. About 10:30 last night, as the news stream lapdogs yelped about the Obamination’s re-election, I too found myself thinking about my grandfather.

    He grew up in the Great Depression, fought bravely in WWII, built refineries (let’s see THAT happen with O) and helped with disasters when they struck. He volunteered in his local government and sat on numerous city and county commissions. I’ve known for years that our generation fails to live up to the example of hard work and civic mindedness that his generation left us.
    But last night, staring at that pompous pretender strut as if he were given an overwhelming mandate instead of a narrow victory, I wondered just how far we’ve fallen.

    Do I think everyone should join the NRA and our State Associations?
    Yes, absolutely. It’s a start.

    But beyond that, we’ve a hard fight from a bad position and it wont’ get any better unless we learn the lesson we should have learned four years ago and start putting into action a plan to put us into a dominant position in two years at the next election.

    Step One: Clean House.
    I don’t care if you’re a Party Man who’ll pull the R lever regardless, or a disenfranchised Tea Partier/Ron Paul supporter/ Libertarian sort. If we fracture the truly Conservative at this point among squabbling factions we are DOOMED to whoever follows the Obamination – and don’t think Hillary isn’t thinking about it.
    Put on your big boy britches and help us clean house in the RNC.
    Get rid of the RINO’s, the career turncoats, and the lipservice Conservatives. Get involved in your local RNC offices and meetings. Give up one night a month and go and show up.
    Then make NOISE. Stop being polite, and start calling BS where you see it.
    If there isn’t anyone worth supporting – clean ’em out. And step up to the plate. I don’t care if you’re not a ‘politician’. We don’t need any more of them anyway. We need real people and honest conservatives. Our founding fathers were farmers from crying out loud. Keep your principles intact and you can do no worse.

    Step Two: Trench Warfare

    Romney? I liked ya. Didn’t love you, but liked you. Thought you were a good hope, and you ran a good fight. But that concession speech where you called on us to reach across the aisle and cooperate to find middle ground?

    You can kiss my furry red backside.

    If the Big O thinks we slowed him down in his first term, we need to give him Political Imodium in his second. Forget this nonsense about political placation. Placation does nothing except allow your enemies to gain more ground while smiling at you. Ask the Israeli’s how well placation has worked for them with the Palestinians.
    If they feel like terming us as “Obstructionists”, wear it with PRIDE.
    Block that Condescending Socialist at every turn down to the last damn paperclip.

    You come to me in four years as a politician and say that you accomplished nothing except voting against everything Obama asked for, and you’ll have my backing.

    Fight him. Fight him hard and give no quarter. Fight like our grandfathers fought in Normandy and the Pacific – show them that we will fight domestic tyranny with all the resolve they fought foreign ones. Not an inch of soil, nor scrap of resolve, nor ounce of tolerance, nor minutia of principle will we bend to the will of the Tyrant who attempts to turn our Republic into dust on the winds of history.

    GET INVOLVED. FIGHT. Fight as if the next four years are the next FORTY, because they ARE. The few years of WWII determined the freedom of the following 70. This is no less of a fight, though the fight is political and the enemy domestic.

    I give No Quarter. And neither should you.


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