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“Go Obama” Haircut FAIL (w/ pic)

So yesterday I was somewhere between Houston and Dallas on I-45, where at the recommendation of a friend, I stopped at a particular smokehouse for a sliced brisket sandwich.  When I ordered, I noticed one of the food preparers had a rather elaborate haircut.  Having my suspicions about what it said and wanting to get a better look, I got his attention with a polite, “Pardon me, I know you’re working, but what does your head say?”  He bent forward to let me see it and sure enough it was a pro-Obama message shaved into his hair.  I grinned warmly and said, “Hey!  That’s Great!  Mind if I get a picture?”  to which he proudly leaned forward again so I could grab a shot with my cell phone.  Sure, it was subterfuge on my part, but I wanted that pic.  We were both smiling as I turned to go, sandwich in hand.

A couple of folks back line, there was man wearing a Realtree camo shirt staring me in the eye.  His sour expression, gritted teeth and steely squint told me he was just disgusted that I would offer such praise and approval for an Obama supporter.  I had to walk past him to exit and as I passed by, I caught his gaze and quietly said with a grin, “I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s misspelled.”  It was like I flipped a light switch; as realization hit him, his expression immediately changed to a huge smile and his eyes lit up.  We didn’t actually meet but we both knew the other to be an ally.  He was still grinning as I left.

“Go ObOma”

Back on the road, satisfied that I brought just a little more happiness into the world, I ate my tasty sandwich [a lot of smoked meat, just the right amount of sauce and a few dill pickle slices] and for some reason had the urge to listen to Devil’s Haircut on the stereo.

For Petraeus: “Party in the CIA” music video

Had his own little party now, didn’t he?

The timing does seem odd; it’s been announced that he will not be testifying before congress next week about what happened in Benghazi.

Quite a few changes happening lately…