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Something Else to Hoard: Twinkies

Just great.  Now in addition to ammo, magazines, rifles, food, gas, medicine and such we now have to add Hostess Twinkies to our prep list.

Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business after striking workers failed to heed a Thursday deadline to return to work, the company said.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn said in announcing that the firm had filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to shutter its business. “Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.”

Dang.  Now we know why it was so hard to find a Twinkie in Zombieland.

Thank Goodness we still have Moon Pies.

Update via text conversation:

BC: “The Ding Dong is dead.”

Me: “Long live King Ding Dong!”

One Response

  1. Anything with the shelf life of a twinkie is worth hoarding.
    mmmm, moonpies and arah cee cola. That’s heaven right there.
    Of course, the government (judiciary) has stepped in to save the union morons from themselves and ordered both parties to mediation.
    Mediation is a process by which loiyas get paid their exorbitant hourly rates, don’t have to do any actual loiya work and a judge doesn’t have to be bothered with an actual, you know, court case.
    Everybody goes away unhappy, except for the loiyas.
    In the case of Hostess, the end result will be exactly as it is now. Hostess will close their doors and the union thugs will be out of a job.
    Unfortunately, so will the thousands of Hostess employees that were not union. Sad when so few via their greed and sense of entitlement can take down so many.

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