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The Best $5 I’ve Spent in Weeks!

I think that most of us might have had a bit of trouble trying to get into the holiday mood this year.  I know I have. However I happened to stumble onto an awesome Christmas Carol album that really lifted my spirits and has had me singing along for a couple of days now.

Check it out!

Still here.

I guess I need this shirt now.

Yesterday as I was adding “End of the World” to my calendar I paused to wonder, “Should I make this an ‘all day event'”?

Later in a text conversation this happened (thanks to auto-correct)

BC: “The Nyan Prophecy predicts the End of the World!”

Me: “Choose the form of your Destructor!”

Me: “Pop Tart Cat?”

BC: “Who knew something so annoying would bring doom.”

Me: “The Nyans and their Prophecy.”

BC: “The Nyan Cycle!”

Me: “Part of the Nyans’ belief was that the Pop Tart Cat and Dancing Hamsters were forever locked in a battle of good versus evil in the Heavens.”

BC: “Don’t forget the Drama Llamas”

Me: “The world ends when one faction wins.”

I can’t think of a better way to go out than with this stuck in your head for all eternity.