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[Updated] Please, No! Piers Morgan vs. Jeremy Alcede

When I heard last week that PiersMusketMorgan was coming to my home state of Texas to interview berate and spew his anti-rights bigotry and hate-filled invective at a gun range owner, I had the passing though of, “Good Lord, I hope it’s not at Jeremy Alcede’s place.”

Well, 740 AM KTRH carried the story this morning that, yes indeed, the interview will happen at Tactical Firearms in Katy, Texas.  *Sigh*

Do you think that Morgan’s peeps had the wherewithal to Google ‘Jeremy Alcede’ before tonight?  Most likely they did and the results aren’t pretty.  Heck, my article on Alcede is third on the list.

For those that aren’t deeply involved in the gun blogosphere, let me state that Jeremy Alcede is far, far from the best spokesman to represent the pro-2A side.  At best, he’s not an expert; he’s a businessman.  Unfortunately, his method of promoting his business is to offer himself as an expert when he hasn’t the skill, experience or knowledge required to state a pro-gun position effectively.  Instead, Alcede seems to be the guy that ‘goes with his gut’, trusting that because he has (so far) been financially successful, he therefore must be an expert.*  Naturally, I don’t have high expectations about tonight’s ‘interview’ but maybe, just maybe, it will turn out alright.  Yeah, and maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

Thank goodness, nobody watches CNN.

[*I guess you could say the same about Piers Morgan…]

Update: On a whim, I took time to go down to Tactical Firearms see what all was going on there and saw, and heard, Matt Patrick (950 AM) doing his show live from the store.  Mr. Patrick has announced that Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott and ‘Uncle Ted’ Nugent will also be on the Piers Morgan show tonight.  So, it looks like Jeremy Alcede will have skilled back-up while on the air.  Thank goodness.

Additionally, Mr. Alcede spoke with Matt on air for a while and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Mr. Alcede was well spoken, articulate and modest.  He said that Mr. Morgan admitted to not having fired a gun in about ten years and he hopes to let  Mr. Morgan have some range time.

As a side note, there were several guys in full kit (chest rigs with plates, mag pouches, radios, etc.) toting various long guns (a M1A SOCOM, a AR-15 SBR, an AK variant).  Mr. Alcede said on air that they are his employees and all former military that are providing event security for the guests.

Update 2:  Matt Patrick has Piers Morgan on the radio as I’m typing and Matt fell for Piers’ opening straw man argument asking “Why should people be allowed to own rocket launchers?” Now he’s having to defend the false argument. Crowd is getting rowdy.

Matt: 1) It’s not about need.  2) It’s not about rocket launchers, there are no proposed law changes regarding rocket launchers.  No mass shootings have occurred with rocket launchers. 3) Piers is talking about ‘gun violence’; change it to ‘violence’. Ask him if it is morally preferable to have a victim killed by a hammer or cricket bat.  Why focus on the tool?  Come on, man.  Ask why law abiding citizens should surrender Rights for the actions of criminals.  Better yet, ridicule him.  Ask about muskets.  Ask about similar restrictions on 1st Amendment rights: waiting periods before publishing, government approved licenses, limits on number of articles, rollbacks on technologic and ergonomic advances – Why should it be so easy to publish and distribute information?  Why do you need a video camera?  The quill pen and movable type presses were the intention of the Founding Fathers; they couldn’t have envisioned computers, cable TV, the internet, etc.

Never mind, the show is over.

Update 3: Michael Berry on 740 AM has some harsh words for Piers Morgan’s desperate attempt at ratings and also said that five other area gun ranges refused to participate.  Good for them.

3 Responses

  1. BTW, Alex Jones is on his way. Yes Alex Jones will show up.

  2. I saw the video clips.
    Mr. Alcede put his foot in his in our mouth’s a couple of times.

    This is the same store owner who had to go back on Matt Patrick’s show to redact a statement about being ok with restrictions of on-line ammo sales right after the give them an inch they’ll take a mile statement. He went back on air the next day and did a pitiful job of trying to crawfish on his words because people were outraged. He figured he could make a few extra $$ buying the supply and selling it.

    If I understood correctly it was his store who also recently told a customer that MagPul was no longer available to the civilian market. This is not true but I have understood that Magpul has stopped supplying vendors who where price gouging their products. This may be the real case here.

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