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Jeremy Alcede Pouts (Still Doesn’t Know Jack About Shotguns)

Not content to espouse faulty advice on local radio, Jeremy Alcede went nationwide and is stunned that the paragon of truthful and unbiased reporting, Piers Morgan, would dare edit a segment with him in it.

Really?  I saw cuts between cameras but for the most part the conversation followed what appears to be a linear timeline.  If Mr. Alcede isn’t happy with how he appeared on camera perhaps he should have considered that he invited Musket Morgan into his shop, along with Morgan’s producers, crew and editors and (presumably) signed a release form for the footage that was used.

I will say that Mr. Alcede did do better than I thought he would. He handled himself fairly well against a professional who continually tried to bait him into making first person comments on the actions of criminals and the misuse of legal firearms.  However, if Alcede really wants to appear better on camera the next time he embraces the mainstream, he might try learning a bit more before throwing out such nuggets of wisdom as those listed below:

[From the YuToob link below] @1:00 Alcede: “I like shotguns because you don’t have to worry about missing, and having the pistol or rifle round going through sheet rock and killing an innocent loved one in your own house or even a neighbor outside.” [Wrong]

Then @9:09 Morgan: “Show me quickly the kind of weapon that you think would be effective for home defense.”

Let’s review Mr. Alcede’s sage advice:

1) He’s pulls out a Blackwater labeled Mossberg Cruiser pistol gripped shotgun.  [While shotguns can be a good choice for defense, the Cruiser is not ideal.  It has no stock (difficult to aim, difficult to control), no sights, and no light.  I’d strongly recommend something more user friendly.]

Less than ideal.

Less than ideal.

2) Then says the strap is to aid in retention when someone tries to take it from you. [It’s to keep your hand behind the muzzle during cycling and harsh recoil.]

3) Also that “It’s a pump action so it’s not going to jam.” [Wrong. Any gun can jam and pump action firearms do require a person to cycle them properly.]

4) Racking the slide is the “Universal sound for ‘Get the heck out of my house'”. [Because if an assailant is bold enough to kick down your door to rape and kill you, the sound will turn them away.]

5) Finally, you have to shoot it from the waist because shooting it from eye level “will bust your teeth out”. [Or not; although it helps if you are 6’+ and have good upper body strength.  It’s definitely not the gun for every family member. But hey, Jeremy, you’ve already established that the sound of the action will run the invaders off so why bother needing to aim, right?  Unless the bad guys try and take it from you, but then you’ve got a strap.]

All from the same guy that said if you have to defend yourself from a home invasion, you should shoot out your back window [Tip: Don’t do it] to simultaneously scare away the intruder(s) and alert the neighbors to call the police.

My recommendation is that Jeremy Alcede should next invite Louis Awerbuck to teach a shotgun class at his range.  He could sit in and learn a few things so the next time he gives advice it would actually help people.

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