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Hidden in Plain Sight: Custom Gun Storage Furniture

At the NRA convention this weekend there were several companies offering various ways of concealing firearms in furniture.  The different approaches and solutions to hiding firearms in plain sight vary by company but all are clever.

Secret Compartment Furniture has the most diverse collection of standard offerings of those at the show with products ranging from coat racks and night stands to bookshelves and headboards.  SCF’s designs depend on primarily on camouflage to keep your items safe and yet be quickly accessible but there are options an owner can install to increase security. Here’s an example of their curio cabinet:


SCF curio cabinet with long arm storage and second hidden drawer

Also exhibiting were the folks from LedgeLOKR.  LedgeLOKR appears as a display shelf or mantlepiece but include a drop down compartment that can hold firearms.  Features include a gas charged cylinder that quickly lowers the hidden contents but prevents the compartment from simply falling open and a very discreet locking mechanism that keeps access very quick and simple.

LedgeLOKR concealment shelf / mantlepiece

LedgeLOKR’s shelf is very impressive in its discretion and function

If you want the ultimate in customization and craftsmanship you might want to consider the ARMoire.   Each one is custom designed to the customer’s specifications.  The type of wood, finish, dimensions and storage configuration are all taken into consideration.  Options include electronic opening with fingerprint or voice recognition and the ability to be wired into your home alarm system.  Prices start at $10,500 for the base model and delivery time is stated at 90 days or less.

Each ARMoire is custom made to order with choice of dimensions, wood, finish and storage options

Each ARMoire is custom made to order with choice of dimensions, wood, finish and storage options

In partnership with the NRA, Jotto Gear offers an in-wall diversion safe that is a bit easier to accommodate for those of us currently working the Dave Ramsey plan.  The NRA Home Defense Cabinet is similar to products from Tactical Walls and Stash Vault but incorporates a biometric fingerprint scanner to release the locking gun racks within.  The scanner can hold up to 90 fingerprints (ten for you and the rest for whomever you choose) and can be recoded as needed.  The unit mounted directly between wall studs (16″ ctr to ctr) and the frame of the mirror that covers it is shipped unfinished so you can stain or paint it to match your existing decor.

Just an ordinary mirror?

Just an ordinary mirror?

I like the idea of concealed spaces just for the idea that if a thief doesn’t know about it, the contents can’t be stolen.  Seeing new concepts marketed that also allow for some level of security and still provide quick access is encouraging. 

Update: While composing this I stumbled on Gentlemint’s extensive list of interesting objects with secret compartments. It’s worth perusing.

Update2: Stash Vault’s website currently seems to be experiencing problems…