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Picture of ProMag’s 10 Round MKA 1919 Magazine

New 10 round magazine for MKA1919 from ProMag

ProMag’s new 10 round magazine for MKA1919

Nobody else seems to have up a picture of it so I thought I’d post it here.  Image retrieved from the ProMag 2013 digital catalog disc I picked up at the NRA convention.  Midway’s site says it should be available 5/26/13.  I didn’t find mention of a mag coupler but the mid-body interruption of the waffle pattern may suggest one is in the works.

One Response

  1. At half the price of the factory 10 rd magazines, a lot of folks are looking forward to giving these a try.

    The only place I’ve found them listed is MidwayUSA. They’ve been pushing out the available date since February so it may be a while before we actually see a few.

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