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Photo of the Day: Chiappa Mare’s Leg

Today I’m busy chasing down a lead on a better job so here’s a picture of Chiappa’s 9″ barreled Mare’s Leg they displayed at the NRA Annual Meetings.

Chiappa Firearms' new 9" bbl Mare's Leg

Chiappa Firearms’ new 9″ bbl Mare’s Leg

I like this version much better than the 12″ barreled models that are also available, because the 9″ barrel is most accurate to the iconic shortened Winchester 1892 that Steve McQueen carried in Wanted Dead or Alive. Chiappa chose to introduce theirs with the  “D” shaped lever from the early episodes but the tear drop shaped lever is also available separately.  Best of all, since it is manufactured as a pistol (not a shortened rifle), it can be transferred easily with no NFA paperwork.  Impractical as all get out, but cool as hell.

Steve McQueen

2 Responses

  1. hey, looks awesome. Did they say when this would be available for sale? Who was showing it at the NRA? I want one…!!!! Where can I buy it?

  2. Damn, Steve really looks young in this picture. He always had a seriously dangerous look though.

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