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Bringing One More to Our Side

Sometime this weekend I will have the honor of introducing another soul (a bonafide NASA engineer, no less) to the joys of shooting. All I had to do was offer and he accepted saying that he’s been interested in learning about firearms for a long time but hasn’t had someone to introduce him to the sport.

So, who have you offered to take to the range lately?

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  1. Depends on your definition of lately ? šŸ™‚

    1 week ago; I had the privilege of helping 2 7-year old girls take their first shots (Cricket Rifle) and a 15 year old girl shot for the first time using a Browning Buckmark pistol.

    In the past year; my nephew, his fiancee, a female friend of theirs, my sister in law, my daughter, my future son in law and before that my future daughter in law.

    For my birthday combined with the Dallas Area Blogshoot III; I had 45 people out at the range; some of which hadn’t been to a range in years. Of course, I had considerable “help” at the Blogshoot; gunnies are a generous bunch. I never heard a person say “no you can’t shoot that”.

    Keep up the good work; we’ll win them over one at a time if we have to. Isn’t it interesting how few people go to a range then say they never want to shoot again?

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