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Rifle Vending Machine “Art” in Chicago

Seen over at GFZ (with sharp insight as usual):


I know they think this is clever and are probably feeling smug & superior right now but I’m just trying to figure a way to make it work.

Hypothetically, you would first have the client create an account and agree to a security deposit, liability waiver and background check. Each rifle would be fitted with redundant RFID chips similar to Toll Tags that would track location around town. Cost effective CavArms/GWACS lowers would be durable and lower the total amount of parts. Although some components would have to be ‘locked’ to prevent tampering (such as securing the upper and lower receivers together). Magazines could be single use (or return to get a deposit back) and extras sold separately in another vending machine.  To rent (or purchase) a client would insert a credit card, place a finger on a scanner for ID and sign on a touch screen.  Upon return, employees would check function, run a patch down the barrel and confirm basic zero with a laser boresight prior to it being rented again.

We have propane vending machines and let people have unrestricted access to gasoline so why not? I’m sure they wouldn’t be anymore dangerous than truck rentals…

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