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About me: I’m a life long projectilist* that enjoys just about all aspects of firearms: shooting, competing, reloading, history, study, self defense, even more shooting, etc. I enjoy competing in shooting sports (mostly Cowboy Action Shooting, and some IDPA). As range officer for a few clubs, I’ve designed stages for and coordinated competitions hosting upwards of 300 people at a time. In college, I had the privilege of serving as president of the shooting club for three years and introducing the joy of (safe and responsible) shooting sports to dozens of people who had never shot, or even handled, a gun before. Some of the topic categories that I’ll be using are:

  • Gun News – announcements from firearm industry, competition, and (unfortunately) politics
  • Reviews – of guns, ammunition, accessories, shooting ranges and books (or whatever else I want, most likely)
  • Range Reports – comments from outings to the shooting range
  • Calls to Action – grass roots legislative notices. Being involved means keeping our ability to continue enjoying being gun-folk.
  • How Hollywood Can Get You Killed – Sometimes movie reviews, sometimes musings on tactics. Like most, I enjoy a good action flick, but I can’t help but notice how the real world application of movie realm gun-fu would most likely get you killed. I won’t rip just to rip, I still want us to enjoy such films but jumping from a trampoline with a gun in each hand wildly blazing as you fly between stacks of crates in a warehouse while battling Triads might not be prudent.
  • Mindset – How you think and act is more important than the implement you have to defend yourself with. Or as the old saying goes, “It’s not the Arrow, It’s the Indian.”
  • Circling the Drain – These stories will usually chronicle the loss of freedom due to so-called ‘well intentioned’ progressive (Orwellian) policies. [Most often from the UK or Kalifornia] I’ll provide these simply for note of interest because, of course, it could never happen here.
  • SkyNet Updates – how the advance of technology, and its potential for abuse, will someday lead to a robot apocalypse.
  • Links – to other bloggers fine work, news stories, etc.

*Yes, I said ‘projectilist’.

3 Responses

  1. Projectilist? Nice. I’ll try to work that into my vocabulary. 🙂

  2. Nice blog!

  3. I’m wanting to get a shelf for my husband for Christmas. What’s the turnaround time & cost?

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