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The Loudener? Sledge Hammer did it first.

So Snake Hound Machine will be offering a muzzle device appropriately called the Loudener:

Quote: “…but more importantly what it does is increases the amount of muzzle blast and concussion that comes out of your gun.”

Okay then. Putting aside for a moment why someone would want to do that, Sledge Hammer did it first.

At least SHM didn’t angle the vents back towards the shooter like Tromix did.  Watch the shooter’s hat in this clip and then watch it again to note the amount of burning debris flying back.

It strikes me as odd that SHM isn’t marketing it primarily as a muzzle brake, instead choosing to promote the increased noise and concussion.  In RECOIL magazine’s online article, Owen of SHM says the ‘demoralizing effect of live fire is important’ and that it is potentially useful to be ‘louder’.  Perhaps I’m not Operator enough to understand, but I would think the demoralizing effect of live fire would hinge on an opponent’s understanding of the potential to leak precious vital fluids.  Since the claim that the Loudener is increasing muzzle blast and concussion is only accurate when witnessed from the perspective of the shooter [after all, the device does not create any additional energy].  If one accepts that increased noise is ‘demoralizing’, I have to wonder why someone would use this to demoralize themselves and/or their own team.


Devious Garage Sale Tactic Succeeds!

Not only did I unload a whole bunch of my cr@p onto unsuspecting crowds of people, but I actually convinced them to pay me for the privilege of taking it away. Brilliant!

Still here.

I guess I need this shirt now.

Yesterday as I was adding “End of the World” to my calendar I paused to wonder, “Should I make this an ‘all day event'”?

Later in a text conversation this happened (thanks to auto-correct)

BC: “The Nyan Prophecy predicts the End of the World!”

Me: “Choose the form of your Destructor!”

Me: “Pop Tart Cat?”

BC: “Who knew something so annoying would bring doom.”

Me: “The Nyans and their Prophecy.”

BC: “The Nyan Cycle!”

Me: “Part of the Nyans’ belief was that the Pop Tart Cat and Dancing Hamsters were forever locked in a battle of good versus evil in the Heavens.”

BC: “Don’t forget the Drama Llamas”

Me: “The world ends when one faction wins.”

I can’t think of a better way to go out than with this stuck in your head for all eternity.

Shotgun ‘Whoops’ (with pic)

Seen somewhere in North Texas:

Looks like somebody got off lucky. Better your truck than your buddy’s knee. [click for bigger]

No rust yet, must be a recent dove season incident.

Today’s “What the H3LL?” Moment

“Haulin’ Liquid Chicken”

[Seen on I-10, halfway between Houston and Beaumont]  Apparently I’m not the only one who has wondered what that means.

Would You Train at a Place Named ‘Crossfire’?

Crossfire Training – Concealed Handgun License Classes

I have to admit that the first thing I thought when I saw this was, “In a crossfire is the last place I’d want to be.”

Here’s Google’s definition:


noun /ˈkrôsˌfīr/
crossfires, plural

Gunfire from two or more directions passing through the same area, often killing or wounding noncombatants

However, from the descriptions on their website they look like a pretty good outfit that covers all bases, makes things convenient, and puts forth extra effort to elevate the class beyond what may sometimes feel like being stuck in detention.  It certainly can’t be the worst I’ve ever attended.*  My CHL doesn’t expire for a while, but when I need to renew maybe I’ll make the drive to check them out just because they piqued my interest on whether they deliver on what they promise.

[* I need to write about that class sometime.]

My Tinfoil Hat is Tight Today

For some reason, everytime someone mentions the National Emergency Alert System Test scheduled today my brain replaces the word ‘test’ with ‘demonstration’.

Advice from the .gov = Don’t Panic!

Panic? Don’t be ridiculous.

QOTD: Baden Powell

Stumbling around the intarwebz, I found this gem:

Long before he invented Boy Scouts, Baden-Powell referred to his camping gear as his “toys,” and he then went on to write, “May it not be that our toys are the various media adapted to individual tastes through which men may know their God?”

Found here

I have to admit that I crack a smile reading that.  I do enjoy my “toys” and have had near spiritual experiences while playing with them.

Have you ever been so tuned in during a shooting match as to be able to watch the sunlight reflect of the base of your bullets as they travel from your pistol to the targets?

A simple day ‘playing’ can be just as fulfilling.  Get outdoors, shoot a match, plink, practice, train, hunt, fish, build, fix, create.  Go play with your toys.

Blatant Logos on Gun Parts: Not my fave

After competing in several shooting sports over the last twenty years, I’ve come to look at most factory original guns as ‘preassembled kits’  [carry guns, not always withstanding].   I’m no stranger to ‘modding’ guns: Trigger and action work, ergonomic improvements, better sights, etc. all are useful upgrades.  The staggering selection of aftermarket parts we have today is a wonderful thing.  With the increase in popularity of modular firearms such as the 10/22 and AR-15 platform [the Mr. Potato Head Firearms] the selection of parts continues to grow.

I understand that branding is an important marketing tool that builds recognition for a company.  A company’s recognition should be based on performance, innovation, value and service.  Companies that excel in those areas benefit from unique labeling in that the brand becomes associated with the label.  However, I don’t care for blatant logos or labeling visible on the exterior of guns or gun parts.   No matter how good the product.

Examples of quality products that I am less likely to purchase because of blatant labeling:  Bravo Company Bolt Carrier, R&R Target Mag Well & Forend

I realize that product labeling does help, and even protect, the consumer by identifying the manufacturer of the parts purchased.  However, I am not being paid by these companies so if I choose to equip a firearm with their parts it won’t be to advertise for them.  I don’t mind if  a useful product has laser engraving down its entire length if it’s hidden from exterior view, such as on the the excellent Gunfighter Charging Handle.  My focus is more towards function than fashion.  If I can find another product of equal quality and function I’ll choose the one without the billboard on it.

There are many good car / firearm analogies – the applicable one here would be the Stunner versus Sleeper mindsets.  Stunners are to something to look at and may have performance to back up the looks.  Sleepers keep people guessing until the owner chooses to demonstrate its capabilities.  So, are you the type that wants people to know what parts are in and on your ‘ride’ or  are do you prefer the ‘Greyman’ approach?