SkyNet Update: Synthetic Humans, Now Ultra-Realistic!

Waaay back in 1981 the sci-fi movie Looker introduced us to the idea of digitized images of scanned women animated to make the ‘perfect’ television commercial spokeswomen/models.  Then, in 2004, S1mOne, presented a scenario where a wholly artificial digital actress fooled millions of film fans.  Now, finally, in 2011 a digital human has been created that actually fooled millions.  Her name is Eguchi Aimi.

The fans of Japanese pop band, AKB48 were “shocked” to find that one of the seven members shown in a candy commercial only exists as 150 gb of data.  ‘She’ was created as a composite of the other six band members using different facial features from each.

Of course now that I’ve spoiled it you might be able to spot the simulacrum in this video:

I can see how people would be fooled by that.  Even knowing to look for it, it’s surprisingly well done.

Here’s how it was done:

[More at SingularityHub]

So far it seems these synthetic people have only been created to represent canons of beauty.  That is useful intel.  When the robot apocalypse goes down, my advice now stands at “Beware of pretty people. They will most likely be Terminators”.

Sky Net Update: Nano Hummingbird

via Drudge: Robot Hummingbird Passes Flight Test. (click link for full article with video)

AeroVironment developed the spybot using parameters and funding ($4M!) provided by DARPA.  Using only two wings, it can take off, fly, hover and land in a fashion simulating the flight of a real hummingbird while a providing real time video feed.

Aww Come ON!  We are going to have to defend against weaponized hummingbirds now?!

SkyNet Update: Samsung Robosoldier

read about it at the The Firearm Blog:

Earlier this year South Korea made news by deploying two experimental sentry robots that were able to shoot at perceived threats without human intervention. A few days ago the UTSPO granted Samsung Techwin, a subsidiary of South Korean giant Samsung, a patent for an “Automatic shooting mechanism and robot“.


If one asks for a “phased plasma rifle, 40 watt range” just run.


SkyNet Update: Robotic Vampire Bats

OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but after the story on the corpse-dining EATR bot and then reading the two articles below, it just follows reason.  You’ll see what I mean.

The Flesh Eating Robotic Clock – uses a conveyor belt of fly paper to catch and ‘eat’ flies to power itself.  Researchers hope to also have a bug powered lamp and rat-eating coffee table. WTH?? – My coffee table currently consumes no power, and I have no rats.  It’s like inventing an electric doorstop.

OK, so combine the ‘bio-fueled’ robots (a disturbing trend indeed) with the Robo Bat and it just sort of follows.

Probably not solar powered... they're nocturnal

Probably not solar powered... they're nocturnal

See? Robot Vampire Bats.  Keep your shotguns handy.

Heaven forbid they join forces with the exploding robot snakes.

SkyNet Update: Matrix + Terminator = Robot Feeds on Corpses

No joke.

EATR bot scavenger will feast on the dead

EATR bot scavenger will feast on the dead

The picture above isn’t quite accurate.  Take a look at this other diagram of the EATR:

EATR schematic - note the hopper and the...

EATR schematic - note the hopper and the...

The feature I’d like you to notice is the chainsaw.  How else would it be able to dismember bodies to bite size pieces able to be fed into the hopper?  Just take a moment to visualize this little critter in action.

Fox News has the Story:

Robotic Technology Inc.’s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot — that’s right, “EATR” — “can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the environment (and other organically-based energy sources), as well as use conventional and alternative fuels (such as gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, propane, coal, cooking oil, and solar) when suitable,” reads the company’s Web site.

That “biomass” and “other organically-based energy sources” wouldn’t necessarily be limited to plant material — animal and human corpses contain plenty of energy, and they’d be plentiful in a war zone.

First off, whose dead are we talking about here? I was under the impression that we recover our fallen soldiers whenever possible and intern them on US soil.  We certainly don’t leave them where they fall for RoboChow.

Second, do we really need ‘biomass’ fueled bots?  Wall-E was solar powered and he kept plugging along for two thousand years!  Although, what a different movie it would have been had he been powered by the CPT Waste Heat Engine used by the EATR…  [Come on kids, the movie is about to start!  Wait, this isn’t Wall-E, it’s Hungr-E!  Aaugh!!!!!!!]

In The Matrix, robots used people for power because the sun was blocked out by the upper atmospheric dust cloud of a nuclear holocaust (intended to STOP the machines!).   Thanks to the developers of EATR, we now know why they chose humans as a power supply.  Thanks guys!!

SkyNet Update: What do think is happening here?

Now that you’ll have nightmares…

…it’s actually a ‘rescue’ robot in Tokyo.  Yeah, right.  See it and some of the other foes we’ll face in the Robot Apocalypse here

Here’s another ‘rescue’ robot:

Who designs these things?  Will you be comforted when one of these shows up to save you?

My imagination only has one image playing through my mind right now:

SkyNet Update: IDF Battlefield Snake Robot

Via Drudge:

The new IDF robot snake

Link to story

A robot snake, capable of recording video and sound on the battlefield, is on the way to join the the IDF’s hi-tech arsenal.

According to a Channel 2 report, the spying robot, which is about two meters long and covered in military camouflage, mimics the movements and appearance of real snakes, slithering around through caves, tunnels, cracks and buildings, while at the same time sending images and sound back to a soldier who controls the device through a laptop computer.

Able to bend its joints so well that it can squeeze through very tight spaces, the new device will be used to find people buried under collapsed buildings. The snake is also able to arch its body, allowing it to see over obstacles through its head camera.

Researchers studied the movements of live snakes in order to create the most natural and realistic robotic version.

The snake’s cost has yet to be determined, as it is still being developed; however, according to Channel 2, the IDF plans to provide combat units with these devices.

Besides recording multimedia, the snake may also be used to carry explosives.

Great.  Exploding robot snake infiltrators.