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Mossberg Announces Tactical Anti-Zombie Levergun

Just announced on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio program is the Mossberg 464 SPX lever-action rifle.  The .30-30 rifle will sport tactical rails, an adjustable stock, vertical foregrip, and and A2 style flash hider.  The Mossberg spokesman also said that they have partnered with Hornady for the production of Hornady’s new Z-Max ammunition in .30-30 Winchester.

LAPG Rides the Zombie Bandwagon

Hey, if it works for Brownells, DPMS, Hornady, Gerber, Kabar, Impact Guns, Guns & Ammo and even Sears, why not for LAPG too?

The comic book style composition is a nice touch.

The meme may have jumped the shark but, for the time being, I still smile seeing stuff like this.

[BTW, who did I miss in the link farm above?]

Update: Taurus is now in with the Zombie Responder [h/t Cocked and Loaded]

Update: Toshiba?

Splattering and Bleeding Zombie Targets

I happened to notice this new product at the Brownells website:

Darkotic Zombie Splatter Target

Mmmmm, pizza!

Made by Birchwood Casey these target utilize the same ‘see your shot’ construction as Shoot-N-C or Dirty Bird targets, only the shots show in a splash of red.    Heh.

The Birchwood Casey website shows eight Darkotic different images to choose from.

UPDATE:  I happened to stumble on another ‘reactive’ zombie target.  The Zombie Industries tactical bleeding zombie target!

Zombie Industries Bleeding Zombie Target

From their website (click link for video)

Zombie Industries’ Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets
are designed to help YOU prepare for the next Zombie
outbreak that our World’s leaders, even to this very day,
are keeping top-secret! Our Zombie targets are life-
sized; three-dimensional tactical mannequins that “bleed” when you shoot them, using Zombie Industries’ Patent Pending proprietary technology.

  • Zombie target BLEEDS when you shoot it!!!
  • Zombie can take 1000+ assorted rounds
  • Zombie can be reused to finish off another day
  • Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie,
    or this can be used as a last ditch weapon
  • Printed Box with a standard shaded scoring line
    target on both sides to help sight in your weapon
  • Optional Exploding Rifle Target kit (2 Targets)
  • Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!!

‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie Archetype

[This article touches on the zombies as portrayed in AMC’s series The Walking Dead based on the albeit limited observation of the only two episodes to have aired so far.]

Those who have been watching the Walking Dead might have noticed the zombies are portrayed as slightly different that the usual archetypes. [fairly complete list here]

For the most part the zombie genre is divided into either Slow Zombies or Fast Zombies. The classic Romero zombie is the slow Shambler, hungry for any living flesh (not just brains – that was added to the meme by Return of the Living Dead in 1985). The Shambler is not much of a threat when encountered alone but in groups is very dangerous. Movies like 28 Days gave us the Fast Zombie – the furious, charging fire-and-forget undead missile.

However, the writers of The Walking Dead have taken an approach that is (in my opinion) very novel and engaging.   New Jovian Thunderbolt has a write up on it here (with some good comments, too).

As he puts it, The Walking Dead zombie is an evolution of the classic shambler.  I agree.  The portrayal so far is that each one evidences a slight shadow of the former person the zombie was. I believe it’s a change for the better; it adds to the creepiness, and adds a tug of sadness for the creature from the viewer. No longer is the individual zombie a faceless husk to be merely avoided or put down but a reminder of a life lost.

Until they attack; then it’s headshot time.

Soldiers in Afghanistan Prep for Zombie Invasion

It’s good to know that our fighting men and women are ready for any contingency.

“We thought we’d been sent to work alongside a bunch of nutters, and
to make things worse, we were stuck here with them,” Senior
Aircraftman (Technician) Sean Lloyd said of his initial thoughts on
the zombie defense plan.

But when the Brits saw the time and effort Frost had put into his plan
they found it, “strangely reassuring that if a zombie apocalypse were
to happen, that these guys would know exactly what to do,” Lloyd said.

Now even the RAF personnel are preparing themselves for war against the undead.

[Click for full story]

Happy Halloween, Y’all!

Zombie Costumes Confuse EMT’s After Car Crash

More on Zombies:  They do not excel at driving.

From this story, we have the following:

PORTLAND, Ore. — A car full of people dressed as zombies crashed on Interstate 84 near downtown Portland on Friday, causing initial confusion by people who witnessed the crash.  […]

Police said that in their investigation they learned that the people inside the car were dressed as zombie costumes and they were headed to a party at the time of the crash.

Sgt. Greg Stewart said people who witnessed the crash initially thought the victims’ injuries were much more serious, because of the zombie costumes.

It’s bad enough that the Pacific Northwest is overrun with Sparkly Angst-Ridden Vampires (and also Werewolves) that get off on teenage girls, but now to find out that Zombies are infesting the region leads me to believe there might be some money in opening a branch office of MHI there.