Happy Independence Day 2009

I hope you enjoy the day, but please take time to reflect on the meaning and history of the holiday.

John Longnecker’s article is a good place to start.

After reading that I remembered Benjamin Franklin’s reply to Mrs. Powel following the constitutional convention of 1787 when she asked what he had given the people: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

A quick search of that quote turned up this statement by Sen. Ron Paul.  I haven’t finished reading it yet, but for as much as I have read, it does have good food for thought.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to finish it.

Use this day to reassert your resolve to expend all energies required to keep this fine republic!

Freedom to all.

Minute Man Statue Lexington Massachusetts

TSRA Legislative Session Wrap-Up 2009

Read it and take note that even though some of the bigger bills died, we did have some minor wins and HELD THE LINE.  No Loss of Gun Rights in Texas this session.  Good Work, TSRA.

Link to article