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New Project: Wild Bunch Holster

I have an idea in my head for a Wild Bunch Holster.

For y’all not into Cowboy Action Shooting, a Wild Bunch match (or side match) is where 1911’s are used in SASS competition instead of single action revolvers.  These matches came about due to the movie ‘The Wild Bunch‘ by Sam Peckinpah being a favorite amongst the founders of the Single Action Shooting Society.  They favored it enough to call the SASS Board of Directors ‘The Wild Bunch’. In fact they often refer to it as one of the Hollywood Westerns that the game was founded on and it’s also the reason that Winchester Model 1897 shotguns are allowed as a main match shotgun.

I always thought that was a bit odd as the movie isn’t really a western.  It’s a good movie and I like it but when I think of a defining film for the Hollywood Western genre, Silverado really captures it all.   [No offense to Tombstone, it’s a spectacular western, but is necessarily darker in tone and we’re talking something to base a game on here.]

Anywho, after the Bianchi Holster Mutilation piece, it felt good to haul out the leather working gear and make something.  That’s what got me thinking about other projects, which led to the WB holster idea.  Not so much because I need one but because I don’t have one.

The SASS regulations for WB holsters are:

  • Holsters and magazine pouches must be of traditional or military design and made from traditional materials, (e,g, canvas or leather).
  • The holster must cover the entire length of the barrel and completely cover ejection port. No open front speed holsters allowed.
  • If a holster has a flaps or strap they need not be closed during competition.
  • No metal or plastic “competition” type equipment allowed.
  • No shoulder or cross-draw holsters may be used during competition.
  • Magazine pouches must be worn on the opposite side of the body from the handgun.
  • Magazine pouches must be worn vertical.
  • Magazine pouches can hold either 1 or 2 magazines.
  • At least 2 inches of the magazine must be covered by the magazine pouch.
  • All other SASS regulations pertaining to these items apply.

Rather than military pattern, my vision is for a classic western holster with not too much drop, pattern stamping in saddle tan and maybe with a concho.  I’ll make a sketch or two and see what comes of it.