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“Go Obama” Haircut FAIL (w/ pic)

So yesterday I was somewhere between Houston and Dallas on I-45, where at the recommendation of a friend, I stopped at a particular smokehouse for a sliced brisket sandwich.  When I ordered, I noticed one of the food preparers had a rather elaborate haircut.  Having my suspicions about what it said and wanting to get a better look, I got his attention with a polite, “Pardon me, I know you’re working, but what does your head say?”  He bent forward to let me see it and sure enough it was a pro-Obama message shaved into his hair.  I grinned warmly and said, “Hey!  That’s Great!  Mind if I get a picture?”  to which he proudly leaned forward again so I could grab a shot with my cell phone.  Sure, it was subterfuge on my part, but I wanted that pic.  We were both smiling as I turned to go, sandwich in hand.

A couple of folks back line, there was man wearing a Realtree camo shirt staring me in the eye.  His sour expression, gritted teeth and steely squint told me he was just disgusted that I would offer such praise and approval for an Obama supporter.  I had to walk past him to exit and as I passed by, I caught his gaze and quietly said with a grin, “I didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s misspelled.”  It was like I flipped a light switch; as realization hit him, his expression immediately changed to a huge smile and his eyes lit up.  We didn’t actually meet but we both knew the other to be an ally.  He was still grinning as I left.

“Go ObOma”

Back on the road, satisfied that I brought just a little more happiness into the world, I ate my tasty sandwich [a lot of smoked meat, just the right amount of sauce and a few dill pickle slices] and for some reason had the urge to listen to Devil’s Haircut on the stereo.

Upgrade: Kel-Tec KSG is now Semi-Auto!

Well, at least according to Gun World

KSG is Semi-Auto!


FAIL: Single Point Sling Ad

Nine times out of ten if I order something shooting related it’s from Brownells or Midway USA.  There is another bargain outdoor gear mail order company that I once ordered something from and now I get a new catalog from them every two weeks (it seems).

In their latest, they offer a discounted price on single point slings.  Available in three colors and backed up by glowing online customer reviews, this sling can be yours for less than $20.  Beyond the incredible price, I was struck by the accompanying photo in the ad.

What's wrong with this picture?

Let’s get a closer look

You're doing it wrong

And then there’s this too


Maybe I’m being to judgemental.  Perhaps the sling is set up for someone 15 feet tall and the scope is simply mounted for shooting long range.   Like 2000 yards or something.  Either way I don’t know that I’d have supreme confidence if I had to call their helpdesk.