Texas HB716: Culling Feral Hogs from a Helicopter (Passed!)

The video below is from Australia:

Texas also has a huge problem with feral hogs.  They are very destructive to crops and resources needed for livestock and game animals.  On top of that they breed quickly and have large litters (called a farrow) of 4 to 6 piglets at a time.  The last estimates I’ve found indicate a population of more than 2,000,000 feral hogs in the state.  HB716 (nicknamed the “Pork Chopper Bill”) would allow hunting from helicopter by people other than the actual landowner of the property being hunted on.  It was sent to Gov. Perry’s desk on May 20th, 2011 and has since been signed into law.

Using data from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Deptment, The Texas Tribune has an article with more information on this, including interactive maps of feral hog population, graphs of demands for aerial hunts, etc.

More feral hog facts from Texas A&M

Edit: updated to reflect passage of HB 716.