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Deal Alert: “Unicorn Sale” 90% off Safariland Lvl 3 Holster LH G17/22/31

Remembering several recent pleas to Open Carry advocates to “get better holsters“, I thought I’d share this with you: a name brand, professional grade, level III retention holster for $20.  If you happen to be a left handed Glock shooter.

That’s a pretty good deal if you’re a southpaw.  At that price, you could even buy one as a gift for your left-handed glock-toting tightwad OC buddy.

Finetac finish Safariland 6070

[I had to look up what the FineTac finish is; it’s basically bare kydex.]  Click here to go to item page.

BTW, this message is provided as a public service to enhance the image and security of open carriers.  I have no affiliation with OMB Express other than having purchased from them before.

Chris Matthews vs. Individual Rights

Chris Matthews asks, “How dare you exercise your legal rights!?  You might wake the sheeple!”

Short version: William Kostric, legally carried a firearm openly at a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire while holding sign and Nothing Bad Happened.  Chris “Obama Mancrush” Matthews interviews Mr. Kostric as to why he brought a gun to the event.  Mr. Kostric keeps his cool while being repeatedly shouted down and makes Chris “My Leg Is Tingling” Matthews look like a complete hack (which he is.)

Watch Video
Note: Chris “Blaspheming Unprofessional” Matthews’ production crew saw fit to superimpose a label stating “RAGE AT HOME” on the chest of Mr. Kostric.  Simply watching the interview would seem to indicate that the ‘rage’ is coming from Matthews, not Kostric.

Update: (From John Lott, Jr.’s website)  Apparently Wm. Kostric’s group was accosted while he was packing:

… In particular, that William Kostric, the man with a gun, was attacked by union members immediately before the event and behaved extremely responsibly…