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Bringing One More to Our Side

Sometime this weekend I will have the honor of introducing another soul (a bonafide NASA engineer, no less) to the joys of shooting. All I had to do was offer and he accepted saying that he’s been interested in learning about firearms for a long time but hasn’t had someone to introduce him to the sport.

So, who have you offered to take to the range lately?

Texas Gov visits LaRue Tactical; 48 other Gov.’s are Wusses

Yes, even Ahnold.

(Alaska’s Gov. Palin is not a wuss. )

Note: the guy on spotting scope is Handlebar Doc (former world champ SASS shooter – I used to compete with him back in the day)

Here’s the AR15.com forum posting of his visit

Update: A big ‘thank you’ to Tony from the Liberty Sphere for linking.