Predator Style 3 Beam Laser Sight (At Last!)

Well it’s about time someone manufactured a three-laser-beam-in-a-triangle gun sight.  Beamshot has stepped up to the plate to bring us the ‘BS8000S’ laser sight.  They should have named it the “Predanator”.

Tri-beam Laser Sight (helmet mount not included)

From the Beamshot website:

BEAMSHOT® is proud to offer our all new BS8200S Tri Beam Laser sighting system. This all new laser sight emits three dots in a triangular pattern, the center of the three dots being the point of impact. This pattern allows the eye to locate the center mass much quicker making this sight perfectly suited for close quarter rapid target acquisition as well as HOME DEFENSE.

Sweet!  Now all I need is a eye tracking plasma launcher with shoulder mount (or two) to pair with my helmet’s multi-spectrum targeting computer.

Always use a fog machine to enhance the effect!