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Rat Rod: “Bad Company” WWII Bomber-style

A couple of weekends ago, I was just South of Austin passing through Buda, Texas.  The Cabela’s store there was hosting the Buda Gearheads car show.  It was a joy to spend a couple of hours looking at all the various classics and hot rods.  Since this a gunblog, I wanted to share this one first: (click pics to embiggen)

“Bad Company” seen in Buda, Texas

Note not only the OD paint and nose art on the door but the rockets and aviation air intake on the roof and tires from a Willis Jeep.  There’s also chromed 20mm shell on top of the engine.

The rockets are named “Guts” and “Glory”

Dashboard with grenades, skull shifter, and aviation instruments. There was also a gas mask tucked in between the seats.

One more pic

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